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Heritage Custom Cabinetry is committed to creating an employment environment that promotes personal growth, professional satisfaction and awareness of the employee as a whole person with both work and personal responsibilities.

Below is a listing to current employment opportunities. To receive full consideration for these positions, please click an application. Please print, fill out and mail to the address below.

You may also email your resume to  mail to:

Heritage Custom Cabinetry
Human Resources
215 Diller Avenue
New Holland, PA 17557

Perform all tasks of Finisher D (Line Loader, Record Clerk), Finisher C (Sealer Sander, Stain Wiper, Sealer Sprayer), Finisher B (1st Base Coat Sprayer, Glaze Sprayer, Mist Stain Sprayer, 2nd Base Coat Sprayer) and be able to perform Top Coat Sprayer and Glaze Check Out tasks.  Must acquire the ability to do all processes for paint and stain through to completion.  Responsible for recording material used in job production, and must participate in scheduled cycle and physical counts of material.
Must be willing to work in any position as determined by production requirements.  Must be committed to continuous improvement of finishing operations.