Heritage Custom Cabinetry recommends the following cleaning & care for your fine cabinetry:


Heritage specifies only the finest woods, finishing them with durable industrial coatings designed to have a high degree of resistance to normal household products.

For everyday cleaning, use a slightly damp cloth and wipe the surfaces dry.

Never allow water to puddle on the inside floor of a cabinet, penetrate down into the natural wood below an unsealed countertop, or gather in the finished wood molding or detailing of a door or case frame. This is particularly important in beaded inset, painted cabinetry installations, notably in damp areas such as around the sink cabinet.

A more thorough cleaning may be achieved using 1 ounce of Spic and Span® per gallon of water, or a very mild detergent. Do not use any polishes that contain silicone or a high concentration of waxes on your wood cabinetry. Harsh detergents, ammonia solutions and cleaners with abrasives should never be used on fine cabinetry.


Although very durable, as well as stain and wear-resistant, stainless steel is prone to scratches unless properly cared for. Do not use any abrasive cleaners or pads on stainless steel. Such products remove the brush pattern of the stainless and mar the surface. Stainless steel cleaners, available for kitchen appliances and sinks, are appropriate for stainless steel doors.



A product such as Fantastic® on a soft cloth may be used to clean acrylic matte finishes. Never use any strong or abrasive cleaners or stiff paper towels on acrylic matte finishes as they will scratch the surface. NOTE: excessive rubbing on an acrylic matte finish will “buff” the surface causing the sheen level to change and the finish to become shiny.


A window cleaner such as Windex® does an excellent job on acrylic gloss finishes. Never use any strong or abrasive cleaners or stiff paper towels on acrylic gloss finishes as they will scratch the surface.